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7th Conference

The 7th Sociedad Española de Lenguas Modernas (SELM) conference will take place in Seville on November 23-24, 2017.

Our objective, by holding the 7th SELM conference, is to share the results of research as well as teaching and professional experiences of all of our members and, at the same time, open these results and experiences to the academic and professional community through a forum for meeting and debate.

To do this, we have created the following eight sections which we hope match your expectations and interests:

Section 01: General and Specialized Translation

Section 02: Audiovisual Translation

Section 03: Translation and New Technologies (Localization)

Section 04: Interpretation

Section 05: Language Teaching

Section 06: Linguistic Correction and Mentoring

Section 07: Young Researchers

Section 08: Business and Association Forum

Additionally, this year we will be holding the first edition of the SELM Awards for the Best End of Master’s Project in Translation[DOWNLOAD RULES], specifically designed to give visibility to the work of a new generation of researchers.

Organization Committee

Rafael López-Campos Bodineau
(SELM President)

Viviana Merola
(SELM Secretary and Organizer/ 7th SELM Conference Coordinator)

Rocío Márquez Garrido
(SELM Spokesperson / General and Specialized Translation Section Coordinator)

Marta Chapado Sánchez
(SELM Spokesperson/ Audiovisual Translation Section Coordinator)

Alfredo López Pérez
(Translation and New Technologies Section Coordinator / Multimedia)

Nina Tempelhoff
(Interpretation Coordinator)

María Borrueco Rosa
(Language Teaching Coordinator)

Cristina Huertas Abril
(Language Teaching Coordinator)

Anne Bécart
(Editorial Coordinator / Young Researchers Coordinator)

Inés Franco Fernández
(Business and Association Forum Coordinator)

Aitor Rodríguez Rodríguez
(Publisher Forum Coordinator)

María Cisnero
(Issuing Certificates)

Sandra Olivares González
(Workshop Coordinator)

Melissa Ortolà López
(Social Networks)

María Vidal Rodríguez
(Social Networks)

Jacobo Ángel López
(Proceedings Publication)

Manuel J. Cisnero Arjona
(Technical Administration)

Rosario Martínez Pimentel
(Reception and Protocol)

Debora Cervera Enrich
(Reception and Protocol)

Megan Mundt
(Reception and Protocol)

Amparo Revilla Álvarez